For me art is an expression of personal and imaginative perception of reality. Reality is defined by the observer, through his philosophical beliefs, life experiences and imprinted paradigms. The artist’s ultimate form of expression depends on his set of visual expression skills and the current or ongoing status of the mind. Both these circumstances require development and time in order to mature into their ultimate form.. Read more about my art philosophy...

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My interests heavily pertain to the zodiac sign I was born under, Libra. Libras predominantly seek a balance in life, and in my life, I have found myself balancing my interests between the fields of art and technology. Although a graduate of aeronautical engineering, I have devoted my life’s passion to the development of personal growth in the field of visual art.

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Since 1984, I have spent many years drawing in pen and studying form structures. My focus was mainly on abstract forms and this period resulted in a number of black and white drawings and graphics. This period resulted in series named: Without Understanding  Existence is Just a Mirage.

As the years progressed and my experience grew, I moved to oil painting and focused more on researching the compositions of colour and light. Again, I have dedicated long years to the study of abstract and symbolic forms through this technique. Art rises from the spiritual self, and so I have also dedicated myself to the study of psychology and philosophy, in order to gain a better understanding of my own core and the true self within my peripheral consciousness. I draw great inspiration from the life work of C.G. Jung, whose teachings and findings have been instrumental in the understanding of my own inner spirituality and psyche. This period resulted in series named: A Return to Subconscious.

The knowledge and skills I acquired over the years through the study of classic art techniques are organically combined with aspects of digital visual creation throughout the portfolio of my most current work. It is my firm belief that without prior experience in classical art techniques, one cannot achieve a depth and quality to the work in the field of digital art creation. My style was essentially developed over a span of 40 years of study.

Modern technology has brought us the ability to expand the possibilities of visual art. Digital photography and graphics have practically replaced their classic predecessors.Technology has thus given us the possibility to search for, and discover, completely new sets of artistic approaches. In my life’s quest as an artist, one of wishing to continuously expand the possibilities of visual self-expression, I have gladly welcomed this new paradigm of visual creation and decided to dedicate my focus on developing it as much as my creative capabilities allow me.

Experience in classic visual art techniques has provided me a figurative spring board for the development and application of modern visual art creation, which I achieved through the fusion of digital painting and classical visual art.

The result of my quest is the current series, The Harmony of Disorder. These works represent volumes of work, which I have been working on since 2015.


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